Diarrhea In CAMBODIA!

Finally here!

I mean myself, not the diarrhea. I’m finally in Cambodia!  I’m still waiting on the diarrhea, but I’ll get to that later.

Oh man. Where to start.

I’ll start with our arrival to Phnom Penh, the Capital of Cambodia.  After twenty + hours of travel, I was pretty out of it, but as soon as I saw the previous Peace Corps volunteers at the airport welcoming us, my energy level shot up.  These guys were really helpful in communicating helpful information about Cambodia and what to expect, etc. I think that it has been a week since I arrived here, and I’m still soaking it all in.

The food, the smell, the people!!!!  WOW!

It really is another world here, but in this new world many dangers lurk.  This is not a vacation people. This is the REAL DEAL.  Typhoid, dengue, malaria, giardia, and hepatitis are all present, and they are just waiting to get me. I can feel they are near.  One mistake and BOOOM! I could get a parasite, a bone chilling fever, or worse… THE RUNS, also known as, ( you guessed it).. DIARRHEA.

Diarrhea is my new favorite word. I even know how to say it in Khmer, which is the Cambodian language. Unfortunately I have not gotten diarrhea yet.  Yes, I am looking forward to getting it out of the way so that I can rest my mind and stop thinking, “Is this it ? Is it coming?” You see, I don’t want it to come in the middle of my haggling in the local market while I’m trying to get a Louis Vuitton polo. I’m pretty darn good at this haggling business.  I’ve impressed myself. Good job Arnoldo!

(pretty pic. I took)

On another note, it is rainy season here, but the days are quite beautiful.  AAAAND, now that the Peace Corps has provided us with bikes, I can go out into the crazy Cambodian streets and just ride around aimlessly.

I meet my first host family tomorrow ( I will be having two. The first family for three months and the second for permanent site which is two years.)  There will be a ceremony with monks and all that jazz. And like I mentioned earlier, I pretty much only know how to say “I have diarrhea. Where is the restroom?” so it should be an interesting first conversation. I might even document this awkwardness.  Until next time then!

P.S. Think of me when you get diarrhea because I’ll probably have it too.




Hasta Pronto USA

For those who don’t know, hasta pronto means ‘see you soon’ in Spanish,  and even though that may be the case, it did not stop my eyes from leaking as I used those words on Wednesday.  I was very glad to see my cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends show up to wish me good luck on what will surely be my greatest adventure yet. CAMBODIA.    Sounds powerful doesn’t it?  CAAAMMMBODIAAAA

Everyone had a great time eating and catching up at one of my favorite family restaurants in the historic district of the Fort Worth Stockyards, at Risky’s Restaurant. Yummy! One mistake though… That ONE margarita really messed me up and I had a horrible headache that night, but the flight went well, and I arrived to a sunny San Francisco. I had the whole day to check the city out so I did, and I made some friends along the way.  Noah, Mary, Amy, and Mark.

 Mary taught me to sew, so I sewed the torn underwear I was wearing.  I feel like I was meant to meet these wonderful uninhibited souls. Now I can put my new sewing skills to work in CAMBODIA. CAMMMBODIAAAAAA

Today was my last day in the USA! aaaahhhh!   I met all the other Peace Corps Volunteer Trainees, and I must say that I am very excited. We are the largest group of volunteer trainees to go to CAMBODIAAAA.  I am typing away as my roommate for today, Corey, tries to sleep. We have a whole 21 hours of flight time to look forward to in the morning (6am)

It’s all happening so frikin fast!!  Next stop Bangkok, then CAMBODIAAA!