Diarrhea update: Still no diarrhea.

Moving on to the NEW FAMILY topic!

Remember I told you guys that I would be living with a host family for the duration of my three month training?  Well, I finally met my new family!  Before we all got to meet our families, however, we had to participate in a Buddhist ceremony in a temple.  They had a monk throw water at us which was amazing. I made sure to sit in the front so that I could get some of that cool water thrown at me.


Remember that it is really hot here in Cambodia!

Drinking the water has caused other volunteers to get diarrhea so I made sure to open my mouth a little during the ceremony. I tried to be inconspicuous.  I am still on a quest to flush American impurities out of my system.

Anyway, at the ceremony I met my new host family for training. I won’t make this too long since I don’t have much internet time.  Here’s a picture.   


The little kid in the middle is a neighbor, but he is always at the house so he is practically family.  And the the green “skirt” I’m wearing is typical casual wear for men. Like walking around your home in boxers.

We are all getting along just fine. My host dad (older brother) is really outgoing, and I can tell he is the most excited about having a Peace Corps volunteer live with them.  My host mother (older sister) is more reserved but I found out she is quite funny without trying to be. She is also seven months pregnant. My little brothers are very lovable and affectionate. They do not annoy me at all. 🙂

And this is what a dinner looks like:

 These have been my favorite dishes so far. Chicken, pork, and unidentifiable vegetables with more meat.

That is all I have time for today !  Stay tuned for life in the countryside!