Going Home :(

I remember the days when I really wanted to be a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I began the application process and made it through.  I recently finished my two and a half month training in Cambodia, which involved taking a Khmer language exam, and I passed it!  A couple of days ago a Peace Corps choir of six people we formed sang the Star Spangled Banner and the Khmer national anthem in front of U.S. embassy officials and Khmer officials as well as fellow peers and Peace Corps staff.  This was the culmination of our training and the transition from Peace Corps Trainees to certified Peace Corps Volunteers.  

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my host family and I will now be heading home.  My new home.  🙂

Here is my host grandma and other family members making some of my favorite food (banana cake wrapped in leaves.)

memories of my time in training village:

National Road #2 right outside of my house

making peanut butter while my little brother eats the ingredients (the only ingredient)

the end result was wonderful! 🙂

Below is a picture of what is a huge celebration in Cambodia. It is called Pchum Ben, during which people remember their ancestors and feed them rice and other foods. Apparently, their ancestors are believed to be in limbo/hell and are hungry.  Something like that.  So here I am participating in the ceremony. Some other volunteers got to wake up at 3 am to feed the ghosts. I was lucky and got to sleep in a little.

And here is the big family reunion a few days before I left. I’m gonna miss them so much. 😦

And now I am on my way to the province of Battambang. I will be calling this home for the next two years. School is starting this week, so I will be putting my training experience to the test. Wish me luck!


Image from: http://www.rickmann-uk.com/index.php/categories/Cambodia/facts/