“I want the world to know..gotta let it show”

I am really happy to see that many friends and family members have married or are planning to marry soon.  Actually, I’m super happy for them.  Two of my cousins are each engaged to their significant other and it makes me realize how fast we are all growing up.

Special shout out to mom and dad who have been married for over 25 years and together built a beautiful home for us.

I will admit that it also brings up a feeling of sadness because as we should all know by now, not everybody has that same opportunity to marry the one they love.  I worry for my future and for the future of all people who want to share the rest of their lives with another loved one and have the law protect and respect that union just as it does with some (but not all) people.

If you are reading this, I don’t know what your stance is on this issue of legalizing same sex marriage, nonetheless I would like to share why it is important that this union be recognized and legalized under the LAW.   I will also point out why same sex marriage affects even straight couples and marriages in a way that you might not have considered.

Now for people who oppose gay marriage based on religious beliefs, I will say that religion is yours alone to practice and believe in. Nobody is going to change that, and nobody is trying to change that.  If your belief is that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, then you go ahead and practice that. It is your life.  The problem begins when a person starts meddling in the lives of others.  This intrusion usually happens to those who do not share the same religious/moral beliefs as you.  I think it should all come down to minding your own business.  Love is love, and it does not care what hangs or doesn’t between your legs.

If for some reason people cannot understand the message of staying out of other people’s business because of religion, own insecurities, traditions or whatever else, let me say that these are not shared by everyone, especially concerning religion, and the people who helped shape the U.S. understood that.

In case we’ve forgotten, the United States has in its constitution the first amendment stating that religion and state should not mix, allowing for a secular government.

The point is that there is a religious world out there, and then there is the law.  They are separate. People are asking for the law’s acknowledgement and protection….not for religion’s.  They are different.   That is why there is marriage through the church and there is marriage under the law. Different.

Moving on to how not having equal rights (in this case legalizing gay marriage) affects those who might feel indifferent about the issue or not feel affected at all.

Imagine you are a straight couple just living your life like any other happy straight couple with children, a house, a dog, and a nice car.  Jill realizes one day that her husband Charlie behaves strangely.  Charlie does not want to be intimate with her and he’ll even get angry with her for wanting intimacy.  One day Jill caught him watching gay porn and she felt embarrassed and confused. She never questioned him.  What Jill didn’t know however, was that Charlie would go out and meet other men in secret.  This marriage was fake and Charlie only did it to please society.

Long story short, Charlie was a closeted gay man who felt the pressure to marry into the only option available to him, a “straight” marriage.  I’m not saying this will happen to you, but it does happen a lot.

You know what also happens a lot?  Gay people being born….from straight parents.

Think of the children. By legalizing same sex marriage, you will insure that all people have the same rights under the law.  So when your children grow up, no matter if they are straight or gay, they will be that much more equal under the law.

We can’t expect equality amongst men and women when we can’t even have equality between men and men. & this is just one more reason why we should legalize same sex marriage.

until that day comes, I will keep waiting at the bus stop



Cambodian new year took place last month, and mango season has arrived! Here is a busy Battambang Market.

and here is my host mother with a ritual,

and here I am in some beaches in Sihanoukville where I had fun with other PCV’s (Angela, Katie, and Erik)

Love and peace to all!