Working Together! (Angelina Jolie’s NGO)

The “Crimes Against Nature” art exhibition will take place starting today, June 30 to July 5, 2012.  Yesterday however, we had a private party with the folks of MJP- The Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation, who approached the art community of Battambang with a proposal of collaborating in efforts to create awareness about the protected forest of Samlout, Cambodia.  Samlout is a national forest shared by the Thailand Cambodian border which has suffered horrors like deforestation due to illegal logging, poaching, and explosive mines.

MJP has decided to work with the creative team at Make Maek art space on st. 2.5 in order to try an alternative way of communicating/educating the public about what is happening to the land in Cambodia.  After extensive meetings, planning, and having recruited local artists to help in this project, the result was a colorful, disturbing, and beautiful presentation. Let’s make Brangelina proud!  Here are a lot of photos of the event and the artwork.



Below we have Bee’s painting in his very own style.


The biggest surprise for me was Thean Ly’s painting below, with his zombie vs. flowers inspired masterpiece. Check it out! & some detail photos just because this painting is incredible!



Soviet of course participated. Soviet has been spearheading the local art movement in Battambang, Cambodia. He’s the guy in The New York Times, and the guy you’ll keep hearing more about these next couple of months.


Here is Sophorn with her mother nature inspired painting.


Here with my buddy Soviet.


Here is the MJP team. Rangers, officers, CEO, etc.


I will be going to Malaysia for the month of July in hopes of seeing some orangutans, real jungle adventures, and great food!  I’ll post documentation of the whole thing. + I’m learning one of the most famous Cambodian songs in Cambodian so I’m in the works of making a music video 😛  It will be interesting.

Peace and Love !


I fell in love in a hopeless place

Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia

I know what love feels like now. At least I think I do, and if it is not love, I can’t wait for love because what I felt and still feel is fantastic.  Everything about my life right now is excrutiantingly wonderful.

The setting could not be any better for Rhianna’s “we fell in love in a hopeless place” song.   People come and go as travelers do and they bring and take with them their beautiful faces, knowledge, and spirits.  My definition of love might be different from other people’s but truth is that I don’t care what definition we all have.

It’s bittersweet really. Imagine meeting someone whom you share so much in an extremely crucial moment in your life when all emotions and feelings are intensified by the sheer fact that you have regained your senses to their maximum capacity.  That is where I am.  Cambodia has helped me to regain my senses .What I have is constantly slipping away from my grasp, but it’s not sad, it is beautiful. I’m constantly reminded that nothing lasts forever and because of that I am so appreciative and greatful for every moment spent alive, sharing with someone, drinking a delicious fruit smoothies, or masturbating.  Yeah, I’m learning so much about my body too.

This post is dedicated to those few people who have come into my life while in Cambodia and who have affected me like never before.  The loud laughters of my friends, the intimate stories shared, the physical contact and appreciation of each other as human beings, the dancing, and the ultimate adventure which is this life we share!  Thanks to you I feel like I’m closer to finding my own personal lover who will reciprocate this feeling, or I will live on distributing and receiving love from here and there like I have with y’all.


If you guys ever need some love, come find me because I’ve got a bucket full of sunshine for each and every one of you.  Seriously though, and I don’t apologize if I sound creepy and overly emotional or whatever, but I LOVE you guys and I will find you again. 😛

In the meantime I will keep my hands busy doing what I do best: Making art.


My most unforgettable birthday took place this last week, when I celebrated my twenty fourth year in this amazing dimension.  BANGKOK is where it’s at!  Check it out.

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I had no idea what to expect in the city of Angels (Bangkok) but I was shocked when I arrived and found the most modern city I think I’ve come across.  Remember, I’m living in a small town so civilization away from Cambodia is very different. Anyway, my friend Gunnar showed me around the city, and of course we had a fantastic time. Thanks Gunnar!

The birthday party continued as we made our way back to Cambodia as you can see in the following photos. This is my host mother in Cambodia. She didn’t like the wine so she threw it out. 

Birthday party/circus party

I am having the time of my life.  Forget relationships, forget facebook, forget Obama, and forget the past. I am living in the present like never before! This is a major milestone in my life.  CAMBODIA & ASIA ROCK!