The Olympics might save my service

I’ve been in Cambodia ONE YEAR!!!!!

Unfortunately, I am going through a really rough time right now. I just got back from Malaysia and for some reason I am really considering ET’ing (early terminating.)  I was going to keep it to myself, but I’ve decided to share it because it’s good for me to see in writing what is going on inside my head.  It’s not that I’m running from anything nor leaving for any particular reason other than a simple change of scene, but it’s part of that emotional rollercoaster that we all go through as Peace Corps Volunteers. If anyone reads this blog, please read a post from a fellow PCV in Cambodia. I choked up after reading.

I’ve decided to busy myself and make those thoughts go away.

The Olympics are happening and I saw a headline of the male gymansts doing their amazing acrobatic feats.

Soooo, I’ve decided to give gymnastics a go here in Cambodia, and perhaps ease my mind while transforming my body a bit. FYI, I have a microscopic background in gymnastics, but it’s still there. In order to achieve results, I’ve decided to hire a personal trainer at the circus school where I work.  So here’s what’s up. I’m gonna post a picture or video of me attempting certain ‘tricks’ and will follow up with a segment called CAMBODIAN OLYMPICS in following posts. I’m thinking handstands, backhand spring, and SPLITS!!
 I’ll also do a before and after picture and hopefully there will be visible changes in my body image too (I’m looking like I need to put on some healthy weight)  I hope I can keep it up  and most importantly, I hope that this will keep my mind off of wanting to leave Cambodia for no reason.

All right then here we go: So this is what I’m looking at.



Malaysian Beauty

I’m in paradise, and I wanted to show you guys just how beautiful it is here In Malaysia, but I lost my camera’s SD card! ****!

I got another one and managed to take not so good documentation of my trip here but it will have to do. …  ****!  ****! ****!

A little of what I’ve learned here is that Malaysia is a lot more developed than Cambodia and Thailand.  People here practice the Islamic religion and its presence here is very strong. Women cover themselves from head to toes, but sometimes cover just the hair.  I wanted to show pics of the Cameron Highlands where it is nice and cool, but oh well.

These pictures below were taken in Borneo.  The city below is Kuching. It is  an amazing little city with great food, vibe, people, and it is a nice portal to all of the surrounding nature that Borneo has to offer. It’s also very Chinese.

Kuching is also home of the best egg tart I’ve ever had in my life. Thick buttery crust that melts on your tongue, not in your hand. Yummm.

Here are some couchsurfing friends we met along the way.  The last two are my friends I met in Battambang.  They told me about this amazing Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo, which is why I decided to meet them here. The festival was BOMB~~!!!   I’ll have to do a part two on this post.

Below is Kecil Beach at Bako National Park.

Here is the cute Probiscus monkey. The male has this big penis looking nose.

felt so good to be free in the jungle, just like the monkeys up above in the trees.  LET FREEDOM RING

I’ll update soon with my baptism in the jungle and with pics and vids of the The Rainforest World Music Festvial