I am a smelly, walking sausage. My face looks like pizza.


This is my best friend, Beak.Image

Below is my psychiatrist, Dora. Her happiness is contagious. No need for senseless blabber with her.


I am painting again; therefore, I am happy.


Discovery:  I’ve been having great fantasies lately. My subjects do what I want.



Happy Happy

Ma and Pa came to visit and oh how I missed them.

We got right to it and played dress up of course! Notice how my dad just sits there (for a couple of hours) and patiently watches us get our hair did.

Mom, you look amazing!  Get it girl!I think I’m supposed to be an angkor warrior. A pretty European looking one. haha

We then proceeded to visit my current host family.  How they love my real mom!

Next stop, Takeo where the new Peace Corps Volunteers were gathering for their swear in and the beginning of their two year service. I thought it would be cool to show my parents what I went through when I first arrived so we participated in their welcoming.
This is such a great group. I’m thankful for you guys and for your amazing personalities and the courage to give up first world comfort and interact with the rest of the world.  …and for adding some spice to the mix of volunteers!

On our way to Takeo.

& here we are with my training host family in Takeo. We had such a lovely time just sitting around drinking coconut water and talking about how skinny I apparently am.

and here we have dad kidnapping the little twin   & that was that. Miss you mom and dad! & thanks for being so supportive. 😉 See you when you see me!

There’s not much to update other than to say that I’m really happy right now, and I started painting portraits again, so I will post again soon.