Video Blog: Religion in Cambodia

This is the first ‘official’ Curly Hair Chrnoicles V-Blog in a series which aims to share life and culture in Cambodia with anybody who may be interested.  I hope you enjoy. Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I realize that I made some errors in the video: sell not sale is one of ’em.  …

Also, to anybody interested in supporting an awesome cause, my friends and I will be working with an animation studio in order to get a comic into Cambodian television.  It will educate people on proper garbage disposal among other things.  Check out the official website for more information and for instructions on how to donate.

I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this blog post and information presented on here.


Balls BALLS balls!

I packed my orange juggling ball and my dry erase marker, and tucked in my shirt.  Today was gonna be a good day.  I finally remembered that a positive attitude makes the biggest difference.  Here’s an idea for anyone who … Continue reading