Elementary children killed by a twenty year old. That is what was all over the internet today, and what will be broadcasted on all the media outlets for the next month.

I’ve read about this theory some time ago, and since I agree with it, I find it fitting to mention it at this time.  Now this might sound like I’m just being emotional and posting subjective material, but the truth is that what I am about to share is backed by professional opinion and has been for some time.  Unfortunately not much attention has been given.

Most media is crap and in cases such as the reporting of the recent massacre at the elementary school, it is harmful.  Based on past experiences, we can agree that this story will be the main topic of discussion and news for the next couple of weeks.  The problem with that is that this kind of ‘news’ creates a ripple effect.  Those ripples are carried out by all media outlets in the country, and even world (heck I got the news here in Cambodia) to a degree of having a devastating effect on a few who are then inspired to commit these same kinds of atrocities.  If we stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense.  There are unstable people out there in every corner of the country, and when they hear about a misunderstood boy with issues killing others and becoming an instant poster boy with everybody mentioning their name, trying to figure out why they did it, and getting all the attention that they crave, the unstable boy in front of the tv goes out and claims that attention by copying what worked for the other guy.  If any of you guys read Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, he talks a bit about this phenomenon along with other ‘trends’ and how/why they happen.   Unfortunately, our gun obsessed culture does not make it any better.  The guns are out there. Plenty of them.

Anyway, because I understand that we like to be entertained, I will share this video link which briefly touches on why we should condemn the kind of “reporting” that we tune in to watch.

I think the guy sums it up.  News media outlets should really start some responsible reporting, and we as the public, should stop tunning in to this kind of stuff.  That’s the only reason I mentioned this story.

In other news: My friend sent me this very nice poem by Alejandro Jodorowsky. I could not find it in English so I’ll have to translate the best I can.

This is the Spanish Version:

En el país de los mediocres, nació un verdadero artista. Su necesidad de expresión era esencial y pronto encontró un viejo piano en el que llegó a tocar sublimes conciertos. Su perfección como pianista despertó tal envidia que pronto los ciudadanos, por medio de calumnias, se las arreglaron para meterlo preso y ahí, en la cárcel, hacer cortarle el brazo derecho. El manco sufrió un tiempo, pero luego su mundo interior le hizo reponerse y comenzar, con una mano, a fabricar máscaras que eran obras maestras. Los mediocres hicieron que le cortaran el otro brazo. Así mutilado, el artista no se dejó abatir y se convirtió en un gran bailarín. ¡Le cercenaron una pierna! El cojo se encerró en un cuarto y con telas, óleos y pinceles, aprendió a pintar con su pie. El único público que este creador tenía eran los niños, porque en sus corazoncitos no cabían los celos y eran capaces de aceptar el valor de otro. ¡Los resentidos le cortaron la otra pierna! Se dedicó a cantar ópera. ¡Le cortaron la lengua! Tomó entre los dientes un pincel y creó dibujos fantásticos. ¡Le arrancaron los dientes! Consiguió una antigua máquina de escribir y golpeando las teclas con la nariz escribió poemas, cuentos, novelas. ¡Le arrancaron la nariz! Rodó entonces sobre polvos de colores y con el cuerpo untado, frotándose contra una tela, hizo maravillosos cuadros abstractos. ¡Los amargados, no soportándolo más, lo asesinaron! En su testamento dejó una orden, que los niños, convertidos ya en jóvenes, ejecutaron religiosamente: con sus tripas fabricaron cuerdas de violín, con su piel hicieron un tambor; con sus huesos, flautas; con sus cabellos una funda para armónica y con sus demás restos, molidos, obtuvieron celulosa para fabricar un blanco papel en donde imprimieron sus versos.
Alejandro Jodorowsky


In the land of mediocrity, a real artist was born.  His necessity to express was essential and soon he found an old piano through which he was able to play sublime concerts.  His perfection as a pianist created such envy that soon the citizens created a plan to have him arrested, and there in jail, have the artists’ arm cut off.  The artist suffered a while, but soon the world inside him gave him strength to heal and start with one hand, to make masks which were true works of art. The mediocre crowd had his other arm cut off. Mutilated, the artist did not give up and he became a great dancer.  They severed his leg! The cripple locked himself in a room with canvas, oils, and brushes, and learned to paint with his foot.  The only public this creator had were the children, because their little hearts had no room for jealousy and they were able to accept the courage of another. The embittered ones had his other leg cut off! He then dedicated himself to singing opera. They cut out his tongue! He took a pen in between his teeth and created wonderful drawings.  They took out his teeth! He found an old typing machine and srtiking the keys with his nose, he wrote poems, stories, novels. They had his nose cut off! He then rolled about in colored dirt and with his covered body, created wonderful abstract paintings on cloth.  The bitter crowd could not stand it anymore. They killed him.  In his testament he left an order, that the children, now grown to young adults, religiously executed: with his entrails they created strings for violins, with his skin they made drums; with his bones, flutes; with his hair a case for the harmonica, and with the rest, grounded down to pulp, they obtained material to create white paper on which to print their verses.

These writings and instruments eliminated a bit of the mediocrity of the country…

Nobody can stop the human spirit from expressing! No matter the adversity, if you are authentic, you will always find a road that will allow you to create your world.

Thanks Andrea for inspiring me!

& in case I don’t post something sooner, happy end of the world! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! if we survive.  🙂


5 thoughts on “NEWS that KILLS

  1. Arnoldo! You are so right! It does make sense! My heart goes out to the loved ones of the children that passed away. So sad. Thank you for posting this Arnoldo! We miss you and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. A….I so agree..when did journalism go so awry? I happened upon your Tio Juan…he was in my nighborhood, his truck had ….hurtado upon it, I asked if he knew you and he then proclaimed he was your uncle…a very handsome and proud man!!! I miss you and am sending lots of love and good thoughts your way…..MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING!!!

    • Lisa! It makes me so happy to hear from you. My Tio Juan? I have a tio Juan in Mexico but not one that I know of in Dallas…hmmmm I just sent my parents an email to make sure all my uncles are accounted for. I know them by thier nicknames too and not by their real names, so that could be the problem. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too and have an awesome New Year! Miss you all terribly, but having an amazing time as well. Ciao!

  3. Thank you for this… I hope a lot of people read your blog and watch this video. I avoid TV news for this very reason. It’s like the networks live for this kind of thing, and I feel kind of dirty for even passively participating in this culture of violence by being a spectator. Giant tragedies = ratings; it’s so cynical and I hate it and it makes me sick every time something like this happens, because it just compounds the tragedy.

    I’d been wincing every time I went on facebook the last couple of days for the same reason… it seems like we feel we should post about this because… why? To show our friends how sensitive and caring we are? To show we’re hip, with it, that we follow current events and feel appropriately like the rest of America? To show support, solidarity, even though no one involved will ever see our posts? Whatever it is, I think it’s more about us than the victims, which is kind of sick.

    To talk quietly about it face to face with friends and loved ones is one thing. To add to the orgiastic spectacle of public sensationalizing is another thing altogether.

    Dave, K3 (you don’t know me… keep up the good blogging!)

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