Rolling in the Deep

I recently went back to Thailand to see what was happening north of Cambodia. It is just as I remembered it, a city of pure awesomeness.  If you want a good mix of east and west, this is the place. It has malls that rival, I mean surpass, those in the U.S, great music spots, incredible street food, street fashion, and heavenly dance clubs. Southeast Asia is the place to be!  e

For great contemporary Thai art, check out the Bangkok Art And Culture Centre located in the downtown area near the Siam Mall.  Easily accessible by the Skyrail, (the name of the stop is called Siam).


SAM_1999 SAM_1918

With my buddy Roxy, taking a photo break.SAM_1992SAM_1998Andy Warhol’s Factory made its way to Bangkok too!  A very cool interactive installation for those of us who have no access to awesome colorful wigs or aluminum.


Here are the coolest travel buddies one could ever hope for. Thanks guys for having such great energy!  Wisconsin & California represent! SAM_1926SAM_1939Here we have a cool light installation in front of the Siam mall that lights up at night.


To see the greatest outside market ever, go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market! Fashion, food, and quality stuff for cheap! This place is huge and perfect for us cheap ass people. I found me some booty shorts for $2.  I used them later that night for a free gogo dancing show I did for God. Scroll further down for a picture.

SAM_1979Street food!  Here we have some Chicken Pad Thai, which will cost about 40 Baht or $1.20 cents.  Yeah, in the U.S. that same Pad Thai will cost $7 +.  F***k that. Staying in Asia.  Below are pictures of Khao San Road, which is one of the most popular backpacker destinations for its entertainment, food, drinks, and cheap hostels. 
SAM_1864 SAM_1866 SAM_1842When it comes to transportation, Bangkok rocks! You have three awesome options.  Option #1: Water Taxi Boat, which costs about 15 Baht for a ride across the city (for example: Khao San Rd to Siam city mall) The down side for option 1 is that it gets crowded and it is kind of slow, but CHEAP!

Option #2: Car Taxi, which will start with a flat rate of 35 Baht or $1.10 + 2 Baht for every kilometer.  So we got across the city for about 90 Baht or $3.  A little more expensive that the water taxi but still very do-able. It is a good idea to travel with other people.  ALWAYS ASK FOR THE METER!!! Some taxi’s will want to charge you 200 Baht or more and skip the meter…this is illegal. They can get in trouble for it, but it’s worth it for them to make the extra bucks.

Option #3: Skyrail, which is probably the most expensive option but still a great way to travel quickly to all the hot spots in the city…even to the weekend market! 🙂

Below is a pic of the little informational decals about what is permitted and not, in the taxi. Basically, vomiting is not okay, doing IT is not okay, gambling is not okay, smoking is not okay, but prostitution is OKAY!


SAM_1977For a fun time out, check out the gay district in Silom 2. I went with a couple of friends and we had a really great time out there. One particular club we went to is called God.


The picture below is of a street full of shows for men, by men. I guess they are trying to be as shocking as the ping pong girls, which I did not see, thank you very much.  If you are into getting groped and harassed, this place is for you. Otherwise, I would say stay away.


Conclusion: Bangkok rocks!

In other news:

Battambang had its first Artwalk this year!  There’s this huge nest that a local artist created, and he allowed Make Maek Art Space to use it for the event.  Sooooo, we rolled it down the street just for the heck of it.  Below are images of the event.







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