Gimme some Beach!

New things are coming y’all!

All right then. The beach is where it’s at people!  If you are planning a beautiful and exotic trip to escape the B.S. of our times go to southern Thailand.  I just got back from a one week adventure in the town of Krabi, which is a coastal town with jaw dropping beaches just a boat trip away.  I’m gonna hook you up with some awesome info. on cheap accomodation, places to go, and things to do ON A BUDGET!  If you are into resorts and first class stuff, get outta here.

I guess if I’m gonna sell it we need visuals.

P1000081P1000132 P1000076P1000092 Those are just pics and can’t do justice to the real thing no matter how HD they are.

How to get there – FROM BANGKOK Train/Bus/Plane  – If you take the train there are several options, including the sleeper train. First class, second class, and crappy seats are your options.  I recommend 1st or 2nd which offer AC for about $23 on a 13 hour trip. the beds are like bunk beds, so 2nd class is just the top bunk and the cost is cheaper. The seats are just that, so good luck sleeping on those if you choose the 3rd class. The train station is located at the Hua Lampong stop on the metro.  You can reach it from the BTS (skytrain) by going to Sala Daeng stop and getting the Metro from there (to Hua Lampong.)P1000139

If you opt for the Bus, it will take about the same lenght or more…I heard from another guy it took 16 hours and was very uncomfortable. Cost is waaaay cheaper (about $12)

AirAsia will give you an awesome deal if you want to fly (anywhere in asia.)  Check often and book ahead of time. It will be a 2 or 1 and 1/2 hour flight.  Deals can be as cheap as $100 roundtrip.

Once in Krabi Town one must take a longboat for about 100 Baht or $3.50 to Railey beach, which is the place to go!!! (the beach pics I posted are from there) There are several beaches near there and it is paradise, people! Tun Sai beach has cheap bungalows for 200 Bhat or about $7. I stayed at Chill Out Bar, which had firedancers and awesome music. It is important to mention that the cheapest time to travel is during low-season (May-June)  Otherwise, I don’t know how much it will cost you.

Things to do: Climbing!  Make friends and borrow their equipment. The only thing I had to rent were the shoes for $5 half-day or $10 full day.P1000134

Sit at the beach and make friends over a couple of Changs (Thai beer which will cost $3)


Let’s make life count!

My next stop will be BERLIN!!!! I take off in a couple of days 🙂   Can’t  wait.  FKK, festivals, alternative culture and cool people.  This post can’t convey how ecstatic I am!!! The plan is to get there and go with the flow, so I’ll post when I find the time.  Till then, cheers !


13 thoughts on “Gimme some Beach!

  1. Great pics – but now Berlin is waiting for you – with lot`s of festivals, FKK and great cultural life.
    See you on Friday dude 🙂

  2. Hi Arnold:) I’m so glad to here your having such a great time!!!:) makes me very happy! Can’t wait to hear about Ur next adventure! And Can’t wait till u finally come home.. just to keep u updated on me I’m having another baby! Ah!! So whenever u do come u won’t be totally out of the loop! LOL:)

    Love u and be safe!
    – Ariana:)

      • Lol:) thanks! And I will. My parents really miss you and my mom’s still waiting on you to get back to make you ur enchiladas! In the meantime I will glady have a plate or two for you! Ha ha;) love you!

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