Welkommen, Street Rat

As soon as I arrived in Berlin, Hedwig greeted me.    This was the sign.   You have to read the signs, you know.   But this one was a straight up WELCOME B****!  

 By the way, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a must watch hysterical and serious movie about a Berlin transgender rocker who goes after a boy who stole her heart and her music.  Please take the time to watch this movie by John Cameron Mitchell with beautifully composed glam music such as this song called Wicked Little Town (a clip from the movie.)

P1000141 So I took some quick touristy pics to get that out of the way…P1000147


Now one of the things people ask me all the time is “How will you make ends meet?”  & in this particular case, my answer is…

P1000163by collecting bottles yo!  Even with 20% unemployment in Berlin (that’s the rumor) I collect me some beer bottles, plastic bottles, and cans to recycle. Each one will get me .08 cents, .15 cents, and .25 cents in that order for each recycled material.   So thank you Germans for your recycling program and for drinking as much beer as you do.

P1000208And when I cash my bottles, I go spend it!  Most of my expenses are for entertainment in a dance club, or street food.

I also have a lot of free time so I do things like go to the festival of cultures, and dance, eat, and dance some more.

Arnoldo 057

Here’s a video of me voguing in the streets

& chillin


I’ll update more soon. There’s so much to share!!!   🙂

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