Picasso’s Land

The floods came and the clouds darkened the land. The cold forced me out, and with a world full of lands to explore, I decided to pay a visit to “la Madre Patria” or the Motherland, as Latin American people commonly refer to Spain.

I found a flight from Berlin to Malaga for $70 so thanks to the incredible machine called the AIRPLANE I pierced the skies at some insane speed (which reminds me I REALLY want to see Man of Steel!) and three hours later, I was walking on the same rocks that saw the birth of one of the biggest artists in history, Picasso!

Picture a colorful and warm little city on the coast with incredible beaches, only 40 minutes from Africa, surrounded by hills, beautiful people activating the streets and plazas, flamenco music, and fiestas in random corners of the city. Well, that is Malaga, my home for now. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but it is very tempting to stay.  Actually, I do know I will stay at least until the end of June, since I got a room in a very nice apartment in the city center! Cathedrals, castles, and ancient cobblestones, are all but some of the inspiring surroundings that make me want to stay longer.P1000296 P1000293P1000287Malaga has a beach literally down the street from dowtown or city center.
enjoying some sandia on my terrace, which is only accessible once I climb out my windowP1000330 and here is my quaint little room with the desk I must climb to get to the window to get to the terraceP1000315my Spanish mates sharing their floor with me…one of them don’t look too happy (he’s cool!)P1000312

and there are random pig legs hanging around the flat…we just slice pieces off and into our mouths when we feel like it!  Jamon Español is a must, especially on pizza.

Movie Quiz Night with local Spanish folk who are surprisingly amazing at movie trivia. My team was Texas Pony Bravos and we won this night!
a beautiful midnight stroll in the city centerP1000343

Conclusion, Spain is really cool so anybody considering a trip to this sunny and friendly place, get your ass over here.

5 thoughts on “Picasso’s Land

  1. Alright!!! I’m digging it!!! Good to see your happy my brotha. Nothing but love maybe one day ill be doing the same with ya. It’s a goal of mine to see the world as well. Best of luck to you take care.

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