Los Miserables


Los Miserables – The Spanish generation betrayed by a system that promised peace, liberty, and a prosperous life in a post dicatotorship Spain.    (my own definition)

Above are my Spanish friends who like many of us around the world, are still pursing their own peace, liberty, and prosperity even though today’s establishments are doing all they can to prevent peace, liberty, and a prosperous life outside of the blueprint they have designed for us (which we can all see, is failing miserably.)

These particular Miserables are the most interesting and complicated trio I think I’ve ever encountered, and I love them for sharing their joys with me, amongst so much camouflaged misery.

I met the trio when I first arrived in Malaga about two months ago.  The couple (and their dog Noah) who both have such distinct personalities had just moved into the same floor I had just moved into. We met.  The guy always looked and talked as if he were angry and the girlfriend seemed really shy and softspoken.  I later found out that he just has a mean looking face AND I found out he thought I was a CIA agent because I mentioned I had worked for the Peace Corps, so he disliked me from the get-go (which he confessed before I left.) Notice the distrust of the American government.

-I could not get close enough to the dark haired and beautiful girlfriend of his because she always had something else going on and seemed to enjoy her alone time too much.  So I left them alone.  The third pale and thin guy with long hair was extremely quiet and had almost nothing to say other than answer any questions I asked.  He plays guitar.

I sensed they were all three going through some deeeeeep stuff.

Long story short, we discovered each other through music, art, food, and endless talks about the state of the world.  I fell in love with my Miserables. Even today, I feel like one of them. I am one of them.

And as I sit in a Paris apartment, I keep wanting to go back to the beautiful Spanish hills, away from the city traps where people don’t smile, and the food tastes like caca. haha  I want my fresh tomatos and olive oil. I want me some real Miserable Love!

Below is my Mamen 🙂


Below is the alien-like planet called El Torcal in Antequera.



 Ajedres – Chess

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 4.00.47 PM

I fell in love with Spain and its people.

I am now in Paris on my way to meet a dear friend who I met years ago while studying abroad in Italy.  I’ll be seeing her tomorrow in Amsterdam.

P1000706 P1000719


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