More on Paris.

The most impressive thing about Paris is not its food nor its fashion (which is actually disappointing.)   No, it is the Louvre collection which left me speechless.  To be honest, I really dislike museums because they charge, so I had no plan to visit the Louvre because I figured it would be just another museum with a couple of recognizable artworks and an expensive entry fee. Luckily, I skipped a four hour + long line (the Louvre was closed the day before so everyone decided to go on this particular day) thanks to my couchsufing hosts aunt, who works for the ministry of culture, and I got in for free! She just presented her pass and we were in. Auntie left me there to go at my own pace while she went to work, “Avoir and see you later!” she said and so I began my aimless walk around the colossal building. P1000763

P1000769 P1000768P1000764 P1000772 P1000774

Can you guess who that is?  La Gioconda (Mona Lisa)  As popular as ever.

WIthout a doubt there is a whole bunch of history in this museum, which French people are quick to point out (the history part.)  And after encountering many French people (in Cambodia, the U.S, Spain, & France) I have come to the conclusion that the French are very attached to their past, making them super nationalistic.  One must admit that it is a very interesting history with figures like Napoleon and such conquering the world and spreading the language so that it was the equivalent of what the English language is today, global.  That’s just it though. They can’t seem to get over the fact that French is no longer the international language and it is not the powerful country it once was.  It’s actually pretty dead, and they know it, but like with any self-denying person, they will claim otherwise.  I think this is why the French come off as arrogant and rude, because they kind of are.  Even more so to Americans, who are seen as those who took all the glory from them.  “Americans are this! Americans are that!” but in the end they listen to our music, watch our movies, and follow our capitalist system, so yeah..

The Louvre is a good representation of what France is. It is a place where the past is guarded with all its might. A place where things of great importance and beauty are from the past.

Conclusion; Paris, France is a great museum.

However, there are great people who live here, like my couchsurfing host and his incredible aunt, who are actually very objective.  They see things the way they are and they are the ones who actually told me that France was more progressive 20 years ago, than it is now.  There is a huge anti-gay movement, which is so not avant-garde of them.

Below are the FANTASTIC couchsurfers who went out of their way to keep a guest happy.  I have so much respect for them.


I have to say I personally did not click with France (Paris) very much, but I did click with my couchsurfer and his sweet family, so I’ll take those wonderful memories and postiive experiences with me.

I’m now in Amsterdam, so I will probably update a little about this trip (some pics) later.


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    • Hey Victoria! haha, I like your avatar. I have not been to Barcelona yet, but I will be there in a week!! 🙂 I think I’ll skip London for now, but I’ll be back in the states soon, and I really hope to see you & perhaps take a ride on your moto!

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