Self-Analysis in Spain

I’ve started working as an English teacher at a language academy.   It’s okay.  I don’t know if I’ll stay there too long though.   The pay is okay considering the economic situation.   My first paycheck was not that much, but since I was living off the streets and it was my first “work” related paycheck, I got super excited.   The excitement has worn off.


Pros:  The people are warm and loud & so open to things that other cultures shy away from. For example, people are pretty blunt, informed, and engaged.  The geography is fantastic. I live on the coast and mountains.  The weather is even better. The food is delicious. I get to speak Spanish!

Cons: People are intense with emotions.  This can be both good and bad.  The economic crisis is pretty bad and you see a lot of poverty and desperate people.

I don’t know what my role in Spain is or will be.

Other things I think about:

1. Cambodia- I miss my Cambodian friends and my few Peace Corps friends.  I miss the fresh coconuts and the variey of bananas.  I miss my mosquito net.  I miss painting portraits in 110 degree weather and watching the paint melt.

2. I think about the U.S. A LOT.  There is so much I want to see and people I want to visit.   I met some cool people in Cambodia who now live in the U.S.  I can’t wait to rock the town with these guys.  I miss the diversity that the U.S offers.  I miss big open spaces (Texas) I miss Mexican FOOD!!

3.  Death-  It’s said that time is relevant. Well, I feel my life going by so fast, I literally see myself dying each day.  It’s stressful.  That’s part of why I can’t seem to stay in one place for too long. I have a sense of urgency.  I’m already looking back at my life and saying, “Wow” or I’ll smile remembering “the good ol’ days.”

4. The future. I don’t know what I’m gonna do next, but my mind works at 1 million ideas per second and I’m about to burst.  This is where work helps. It keeps me busy.

5. Friends. Loneliness is cool and all but it’s better to have friends and say “Hey, I’m gonna go chill alone for a while.”  Anyway, there’s something nice about being alone.  I just miss my buds. Shout out to all my people!

Here’s a painting I finished.  She’s one of my cool friends here.




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