Home is Texas

Rice paddies, fresh coconut, giardia, Buddhist monks, a new language, and contact with adventurous spirits are but some of the things and experiences that now seem so distant.

What’s close now are the chickens, goats, pigs, and a pony that my parents have.


I sit in my Tex-Mex home, which my creative dad has worked on my whole life, and I am thankful for this recuperation time, or break if you will.  Being truly free takes its toll.  Below is a picture of my dad’s kitchen. This is where magical stuff disappears into my stomach. 20131106_195621

Many things have happened since my return to the United States.  I first arrived in San Francisco where I thought I would remain, settle, and pursue a misunderstood attraction.  Gentrification, a phenomenon in which yuppies and money making oriented folk flock to the city, making everything in the city extremely expensive, is not something that attracts me.  What attracted me was the hippie, free spirited, and artistic legacy from the San Francisco 1960’s era.  A legacy which has lasted and has been exploited to make San Fran the most expensive city in the U.S.  It is not a place for a creative such as myself. I did have an amazing time nonetheless, thanks to my great friends in Sacramento and San Fran.  You know who you are, so a shout out and love to you!

Texas is nice.  It is cheap.  My city in particular is very laid back and even has a big town feel.  There are jobs.  Speaking of, I recently started my job as an art teacher in an inner city school.  I am extremely excited.  I have been warned that there are many obstacles having to do with administration and the students themselves. I survived Cambodia, so I say “Bring it on.”

Below is a picture of my reunion with my “little” brother who had no idea I was arriving.


I also have my own art studio now. After years and years of  making artwork in our kitchen table, I finally have an art studio. The space was an old garage but it has been converted into a small living space, and now into a studio.

Home is Texas.  It has taken several months to realize it, but it is.

If any of my friends are reading this and you ever decide you want to take a chance and visit Texas, I will make sure to treat you like a King/Queen and show you what this beautiful state has to offer.  The bad is bad but I’ll have you know that the good is INCREDIBLE!  Plus, I’m here 🙂

And in spirit of catching up with the past two years of the 21st century here is my first selfie with the smartest phone I’ve ever had.


I’ll update more when there’s something interesting to talk about.


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