The Creation of MR. H



The classroom should be a lovely place full of  laughter, stimulating conversations, and raw, youthful creativity.  I have been aware of this for some time, which is why I decided to dive into the world of education to try and make that happen for someone.  However, in this world one is expected to be a kind of Superman with no flaws and with the incredible ability to make every child/youth love education.

Well, my Superhero name is Mr. H, and I can’t be Superman nor can I make every child/youth love education.  I can however, introduce them to my world.  A world where colorful liquids take shape and form recognizable and unrecognizable objects and ideas. A world that traverses many dimensions, perhaps all dimensions, and exists inside each and every one of us.  It is a place where space, line, shape, form, balance, texture, and endless other principles and elements coexist to give birth to what was not.

In other words, I teach students how to make cool stuff.

Watercolor & Sharpie Project (student work)

20140304_094800 copy


Scratchboard Project (student work)


Solo project and this student kicks butt!

20140226_120358 copy


What Mr. H is learning however, is that what he think is cool, may not be so cool for some of his students.  Those few can make it really difficult for us all.

This is where the insecurities creep in.  Am I doing something wrong?  How can I prevent this child from getting into more trouble ? How can I inspire you guys and make you see that I’m on your side and that art is fun if you let it be?

I’m all about challenges, and although I don’t know how long I’ll be in this position of power and responsibility, I will make the most of it!

Reaching out to friends and gathering all that positive energy has given me the sunlight I needed to regain my strength.  I have amazing projects in mind, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys.  Cheers and thanks for reading my emo blog!


2 thoughts on “The Creation of MR. H

  1. Arnold,

    Just remember, the ones that are hardest to love need love the most….that said…much prayer over them and before class will sustain you. You will be making an impact whether you see it or not. Some kids come from horrific situations (I’ve learned this from years in prison ministry).

    The Browns told me what you were doing now…so glad to hear, you can touch hearts!

    Pam Chase

    I’m assuming you knew that Chet Brown died recently.

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