I Spy!

Berlin it is!  Five years have passed since the last time I visited the city of spies.  Perfect timing if you ask me.  Nazis are taking over the U.S. and with Germany’s history, I find it a little ironic that I should be here seeking some sort of refuge.  Berlin is a great city and I am having the time of my life painting, performing, collaborating with other artists, and doing a detox from a very pernicious culture back home.

But no need to dwell in the misery.  Here are some of my happy moments.

This video here was taken by a spectator whom I suspect has worked as a videographer because he did a pretty great job filming this on his phone.  I don’t know him, but I chased him down after my performance to let him know i wanted the video.   So how did this come about?  I was feeling good that day! you know?  I had that ribbon thing around my head so it felt like I had fabulously long fresh hair, the sun was out, I sat on the handle bars of a gorgeous Berliner’s bike as he drove me to Mauer Park (where the Karaoke amphitheater is), and I had that fire! But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

This photograph below was taken by the creative Devin Mohr, who also does makeup and sculptures such as the one on my head.  His creatures are a mesh between fantasy/sci-fi/ and his imagination.  Thanks to Laura Freeman, back in Texas who told me about Devin’s presence in Berlin. I reached out to him and voila!


Here are more artistic photographs I got to take:




Until next time my friends!


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